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  Leave Rules
  1. The students are expected to be regular in attending the school.
  2. In case of absence from school, due information must be sent by the parents or guardian, in the form of written application. In case of prolonged illness, the application must be supported by a Medical Certificate by competent authority.
  3. Leave on the days of school functions can be sanctioned in advance, by the Principal only.
  4. If a student abstains from the school for six days continuously in a month, without the leave application, his/her name will be struck off from the rolls of the school.
  5. Leave can be sanctioned during the examination days only under unavoidable or critical circumstances and that too with the prior permission of the Principal, on Medical grounds only.
  6. Any relative, servant or known person will not be permitted, in any case, to receive the child from the school, without parents’ written request.
  7. No leave will be granted for any purpose.
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