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  Code of Conduct
  1. Students are expected to display good manners, behaviour and courtesy towards their parents, guardians, members of the staff and visitors to the school.
  2. Irregular attendance, habitual negligence in studies, disobedience, dishonesty and any other conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school is a sufficient reason for rustication, suspension or fine.
  3. Students are responsible for their conduct, both in and out of the school.
  4. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the school.
  5. Boys are not allowed to keep long hair and use hair colours.
  6. Girls are not allowed to use nail paint nor Mehndi.
  7. Students are not allowed to wear ornaments or expensive watches etc.
  8. Damage to the school property in any form will be dealt with strictly and the cost of damage will be recovered from the students.
  9. School premises are to be kept neat and clean.
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